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The Advantages and Disadvantages for the Banking Industry

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages, for the banking industry, of phasing out Quantitative Easing.

  1. Please write an introduction paragraph+3~4 body paragraph+ conclusion paragraph, and then highlight 1-2 keywords for each paragraph.
  2. Please use 4-6 credible sources for this report(like financial time. global financial data) and use footnotes only(no work cited page)
  3. In the conclusion paragraph, do not repeat the idea that talk about in the body paragraph. (you can write own opinion or provide an example in the conclusion)

The City and County Manager

Guest speakers (Julie Arendall – city manager at the city of Goodyear) (she talk about the balance between the family and job, job handle, she has HR background, tell us how to succeed during the interview in government position and more.)

NOTE: Total response must include all areas below and should not exceed 4 pages. Double space is ok

a. Which of the guest speakers was the most influential/meaningful for you?
b. Why?
c. What lessons did you learn that you can apply to your current career situation?
d. What lessons did you learn that you can apply in future career situations in local government?

SEASIAN 140 Short Response Paper Guidelines

The critical response papers should be 2.5-3.5 pages long, and focus on at least two and at most three of the previous two weeks’ readings. This includes readings assigned for the Thursday that the essay is due. Response papers should be turned in via the link on the course website.

The key to a successful essay is showing that you’ve read and thought about the material. I’m not going through these with a checklist, but rather looking to see whether you can offer coherent summaries and thoughtful engagement with the readings. In particular, I want to see good use of concrete examples from the readings. The most persuasive essay is one that supports its claims with evidence, so the more specific you are in providing details the more convinced I will be that you’ve understood the reading. So, please avoid vague generalizations and sweeping claims without supporting evidence.

Essentially your paper should cover and include the following points:

• Brief summary of each reading’s main focus, ideas, and arguments.
• Use a few sentences to explain how the author situates the article within the existing scholarship: in other words, how is this approach different from previous writings on this subject. This will not always be apparent, and sometimes the author is covering completely new ground, so then you won’t be able to do this, but at least see if you can address this.
• Your reaction to the reading: what did you learn from it, what did you see as its key contributions to our understanding of that aspect of colonialism and culture in Southeast Asia? How do the readings fit in with what we’ve discussed in class so far.
• A brief critique of the reading: how was it helpful to understanding its topic? What was not convincing? What was confusing?
• At least one or two points of comparison between the two/three readings that you are examining: contrast their approaches or different emphases, compare their author’s arguments, contrast the particular elements of Zomian history, culture, society, etc. that each author is dealing with.


• identify the readings you are addressing by title and author at the top of your essay
• no footnotes, though you can include page references if you like, and in any case must use quotation marks and citations for quotes that you use.
• no use of outside materials is required for these essays – they should be based just on what you’ve read or what we’ve discussed in class.
• late submissions will drop by half a grade every day they are late.

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