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Thank you letter

Within a few days after a job interview, you should write and send in a letter of thanks. In most cases, it is okay
to send this letter via email. However, if time permits, a handwritten letter is always better.
Using the job described in the ad you targeted in your budget assignment, pretend you already interviewed
with the supervisor and write a thank-you letter in response. Your letter should be professionally written as
discussed in this lesson. Use the letter to incorporate at least one of the following thank you letter concepts:
Stress how well you fit in with the company culture, especially now that you know more about it having gone
through the interview.
Build on the strengths of the interview and emphasize the match between you and the job.
Bring up anything you thought of after the interview that is pertinent to the employer’s concerns.
Do damage control to carefully address anything that went wrong in the interview.
Restate your understanding of the next step in the process.
Restate your enthusiasm for the job.
Job : Federal Government