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textual analysis

textual analysisIn the first two assignments I asked you to focus on textual analysis—first in an analytic essay and then in a research essay, where you incorporated secondary sources. For this assignment, you will write creatively rather than critically. Your assignment is to write an original short story. You may write about whatever you wish in either the first or third-person point of view. You will be evaluated on both your imagination—anything within the realm of reason and good taste is permissible—and execution. Most important to that execution will be characterization, conflict, and language; any story that successfully develops its characters and offers a compelling narrative engine through convincing prose has the potential to be a good story. When writing, think about the issues we discussed when considering stories by not only Chekhov but also Lispector, Fitzgerald, and Cather: diction, syntax, tone, metaphor, setting, etc. Take advantage of the freedom this assignment offers to show me you have considered the works we have read not just as a reader, but also as a writer who can compose his or her own piece. Your story may be somewhat autobiographical or entirely invented. You might begin by asking yourself a question you don’t know the answer to but wish you did. The short story must be five full pages typed and double-spaced.

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