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In a minimum of 300 words, post to the Discussion Area your responses to the following:
• As frequently emphasized throughout this course and this program, self-awareness and self-reflection are essential components for counselors in training. Think about how you have experienced endings of relationships throughout your life—it might be the end of a relationship due to a geographic move, due to a rift in a relationship, due to a death, etc.
• Next, describe any themes or patterns that you have noticed in yourself that run through your experiences with endings in relationships. Do you have a typical behavioral style? Do you tend to become very distant if an ending is approaching in order to avoid pain? Do you tend to feel extremely emotional, abandoned, or devastated? What are some of your psychological, behavioral, and/or physical responses to losses?
• How might your feelings and experiences with endings impact your work with clients when it is time to terminate the therapeutic relationship?

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