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Tension between Science and Religion

The link between science and religion is an issue of pervasive debate and contention in theology and philosophy studies. Different scholars have presented varying views on the relationship between science and religion where others have seen the two aspects compatible while others have argued that religion pose significant challenges to science discoveries and development. While exploring the concept of science and religion, Darwin asserted that people evolve through natural selection processes. The idea on evolution has remained controversial with the emergence of conflicting religious beliefs on the probable creation of human beings. The assertion of Darwin has been labeled controversial based on the religious beliefs exhibited by different communities. Scientists and religious people both fight to justify certain occurrences in the world from different perspectives. Scientists focus on natural science and seek to establish the reasons for existence based on natural research. On the other, hand, religious people tend to focus on glorifying and strengthening their faith in a super natural being who is assigned role including those of participation in the creation or development of certain features in the world. The conflicting views between the scientists and religious people is likely not to change in the near future, as such, the conflicts between science and religion will not fade away.           

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