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Teaching Theories and Models

You have become a reflective practitioner with a repertoire of tools to help you reflect on your teaching. At this point, much thought has been put into how you teach, even the methods you informally and even formally utilize on a regular basis. Taking the sum of the knowledge garnered thus far, it is time to specifically and formally utilize a teaching method based in theory. The idea is to explicitly bring theory into practice to make that often-fleeting connection, more concrete.

Apply a theory-based teaching method into a daily class lesson, which clearly demonstrates a formally incorporated teaching method based in theory. Record this lesson. Then review the recording and reflect in your reflective journal/blog specifically on the method utilized. Describe the method, detail its execution, and assess your effectiveness via the blog post. Incorporate the readings for this week and any thus far into the journal. The purpose is to review the method, assess it, and determine what went well, and what could be better.