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Teaching Period 2, 2015 /EDU80006 The Creative Teacher

Teaching Period 2, 2015 /EDU80006 The Creative Teacher
Assessment overview
In this assessment, you will produce a portfolio of annotated resources using a PowerPoint presentation to be submitted via Turnitin. Your portfolio should demonstrate your ability to create a classroom environment conducive to autonomy and creativity.
Assessment details
Your portfolio will comprise of the following components:
1. A collection of five resources.
• Include an image of your resource and/or a web link where appropriate.
• One of your resources must be a visual plan of a learning environment. The learning environment can be an outdoor area, primary classroom or primary
2. For each resource, an accompanying 500-word rationale. Each rationale must provide enough detail to:
• explain the resource’s appropriateness
• articulate the reasons for the inclusion of each resource
• describe what it is, where it was found or how it was made, and how it could be
used to support a creative classroom environment conducive to autonomy and creativity.
Note: these rationales must refer back to the theory covered within this unit. They also need to include information about how your resources are responsive to the learning strengths and needs of students, and how you would differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across a full range of abilities.
Finding resources:
There are a number of sources you can use for the resources you collect in your portfolio:
1. It could be something you produce yourself.
2. It could be something that you find, online or otherwise, e.g. in a library or bookshop.
3. It could be something found or produced by a fellow student.
4. Note that you will not be assessed on the actual resources, but on your explanations
for how they will be useful as tools for educators, so you don’t need to be concerned
about other students “stealing your work”.
5. It could be something that you sourced from a practicum.
Many of the weekly collaborative activities will help you find or create resources for your portfolio, so active participation within these is encouraged.
Submission details
Please submit your assignment through Turnitin. More detailed information is available in the Assessment 1 folder in Blackboard.
Assessment criteria
1. Rationales must clearly articulate how the chosen set of resources support a creative and autonomous learning environment.
2. Identify and analyse a variety of effective resources, including a visual plan, which can enable a teacher to create a classroom environment conducive to autonomy and creativity.
3. Discuss the benefits and challenges of the chosen resources and relate them to the role of student and teacher within the learning experience.
4. Demonstrate an ability to effectively communicate, according to the requirements of your chosen method of digital presentation.
5. Adherence to academic writing: correct spelling, grammar, expression, and all sources correctly referenced using APA format.

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