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Talk About Race By Ijeoma Oluo

Talk About Race By Ijeoma Oluo. Thinking back to our chapters on Cultural Geography, write about your experience as a student on Miami University’s campus. What are your intersectionalities?

Do you feel that your multiple identities are embodied on campus via the landscape, people, buildings, culture, modes of behavior, etc.? How would you describe your ‘belonging’ on campus?

What could be done to improve your embodiment and belonging and what could be done to improve the embodiment and belonging of others outside your multiple identities?

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Principles of Management

Manager’s Name: Bradley Scott
Company Name: Golden Garden Lodge

  1. For how long have you worked as a manager at Golden Garden Lodge, and how many employees are you managing?
    I have worked for nine years as a manager in two different hospitality facilities where I worked with teams of different personnel. Currently, I am the executive manager at Golden Garden Lodge where I manage 88 workers. The facility has different departments that are under the leadership of departmental managers. For my first managerial role, I managed a team of 18 workers, which was rather small as compared to this current position.
  2. What are some of the ways a direct report demonstrates your type of management?
    I find direct reports to be highly efficient because I prefer providing my team with relevant tools that they will depend on to complete different projects. I prefer integrating management strategies that match the team I am working with to endorse self-awareness. The direct report guarantees confidence in my ability to practice a flexible style of leadership that accommodates various ideas from the team members.
  3. Describe some of the ways that your style of management changes from the more experience you gain.
    Initially, I began with micromanaging that involved less pressure and ample decision-making processes. Currently, working with a larger team requires prompt decisions that consider the wellbeing of each team member. I am willing to learn various aspects of my organization from employees who have spent more time at the premise and increase my ability to make better decisions.
  4. Identify different management decisions that you have witnessed in the failure of managers.
    I believe that lacking awareness is one of the major factors that contribute to failed management. Awareness is an important attribute in management because it helps reduce some of the minor mistakes that may harm an organization.

Interview Analysis

An assessment of the feedback provided from the interview affirms the importance of managers tracking their scores as well as making sure they remain motivated towards achieving individual goals. For instance, motivation is an important quality identified through the survey because it plays an important role in transforming employees to become reliable company assets.

The mode of interaction that exists between a manager and his or her employees has a great impact on the level of productivity. Motivation is an imperative factor in this case because it facilitates the ability of the manager to empower his employees in taking ownership of different projects (Williams 19).

Another significant characteristic denoted from the interview is the role of a manager in creating a workplace environment that has energetic personnel who feel motivated in accomplishing various projects.

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