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Systems Evaluation

Systems Evaluation

6-8 Pages

Assignment Guidelines

Providing detail on 3 potential options for pursuing the system integration project, the evaluation method you will use to compare each, and the overall quality assurance considerations that must be met.

New Content

· Enterprise System Integration Analysis

· Refine and describe in detail the list of quality assurance considerations that you determined in the Discussion Board to be ranked highest.

· Thoroughly describe 3 potential options that you are considering for moving forward with the Systems Integration Project.

· Systems Integration Approach Evaluation and Selection

· Select and describe in detail the evaluation method that you plan to use to compare and contrast the 3 options.

· Design a table or matrix to perform your evaluation comparison. The evaluation criteria should include quality objectives and organizational capabilities and considerations and should use some type of weighted priority scheme for ranking.

· Fill in the table, and use ranking criteria to determine which is the best option for you to proceed with for the system integration project.

· Summarize by discussing which is the best option based on the results from the previous step.

· Make sure that the document is in APA format.

Assignment Objectives:

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