Synthesis Essay

Author: Behrens, L., and Rosen, L.J. (2016). Writing and reading across the curriculum. 13th New York: Longman.

Chapter 4 Explanatory Synthesis Essay

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Directions: Compose an explanatory synthesis essay.

Minimum of two to three body pages in APA format with a cover page, abstract, and references page.

Its thesis should focus on some facet of how and why rumors start.

The explanatory synthesis should incorporate all readings from Week Four (“Anatomy of a Rumor: It Flies on Fear” on p. 486, “A Psychology of Rumor” on p. 496, and “How to Fight a Rumor” on p. 512).

Review Chapter Four for detailed guidelines for the explanatory synthesis.

This is two body pages APA format with the cover page, abstract, Citations and References page. Total papers will be 5 pages. Due on Thursday at 3:00 pm noon

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