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Sustainability and business Economic Crises

Choose a topic in business.
Possible topics:
Human resources
Advertising and marketing
Starting your own business (entrepreneurship)
Global business/markets
Housing markets
Emerging technologies
Sustainability and business
Economic Crises
Business topic of your choice
2. Find a reputable article on your topic. Please see the PPT under Week 11 for details
on choosing your source
3. Start a new Word document and provide the following information about your article:
(a) Article Information (5 marks):
Source Name (newspaper, magazine, journal, website):
Full Url (Please make it clickable: copy/paste, then hit enter):
(b) How/where did you find the article? (1 mark)
(c) What credentials, expertise, or experience does the author have about your topic? (1
(d) Can you contact the author? Where? (1 mark)
(e) What research has the author done? How do you know? (1 mark)
(f) Is the article free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues? Is it well written?
Give an example (2 marks)
(g) Is the author trying to sell you something directly or indirectly? (1 mark)
4. Given the answers to these questions, and what you’ve learned this week, critique
this article. Is it trustworthy, credible, and informative? Why or why not? (10 marks –
write approximately 100 words)