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Surrogacy statute

1. Your client is a party to a surrogacy arrangement that was written, but did not follow all of the requirements of the statute. Will the provisions of the statute still be used to determine parentage of the child?
2. Your client would like to enter into a surrogacy contract as a surrogate mother. What must the client do in order to have a valid contract under the statute?
3. Your client wants to bring an action against a party to a valid surrogacy contract who was to act as the surrogate mother. What damages are available and what court has jurisdiction?
4. A surrogacy contract was signed by a 17-year-old potential surrogate mother. Is the contract valid and will it be enforced?
5. Your client is about to become a mother, but she is a party to a surrogate contract. Under what circumstances can your client refuse to give the child to the intended parents?

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