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Supervisory Platforms

Use your SuperVision and Instructional Leadership: A Developmental Approach (10th ed.) text to read the following:
Chapter 3, “The Dynamic School,” pages 39–61.
In this chapter, you will look at the characteristics that create effective schools. These characteristics include a shared vision of excellence, a sense of
community, and a positive learning environment and culture.
Chapter 5, “Reflections of Educational Beliefs, Teaching, and Supervision,” pages 93–109.
This chapter addresses concepts of the “superphilosophies of essentialism, realism, and existentialism” and discusses how these philosophies influence
supervisors’ practices.
As a supervisor, it is essential to know your own educational beliefs and philosophies when considering alternative practices or procedures for supporting
your faculty.
In Chapter 5, Glickman et al. (2018) discussed three supervisory approaches: directive, collaborative, and nondirective. Explain in 250–350 words your own
supervisory approach or platform as it relates to the specific details of beliefs, theories, and philosophy from the text. You may also include outside readings
that refer to these theories.