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Summary of a paper by Oreopoulos.

For this assignment you will need to review the paper by Oreopoulos.

1. (5 marks) Briefly summarize the key results of Oreopoulos’ study with respect to people with non-English names (see paper in Files folder). 100 words
2. (30 marks) Consider each of the types of preference-based economic discrimination described in class (employer, co-worker, customer). Which of these types are consistent with the evidence described in (a)? Explain. 300 words
3. (5 marks) Briefly describe trends in immigrant-non-immigrant earnings differentials over the last 30 years in Canada. 100 words
4. (10 marks) Given the evidence discussed in (a) and the trends described in (c), would you suggest that Canada make any changes to its immigration policies, or to its immigrant settlement policies? (see lecture note for discussion of current immigration policy).