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Discuss the experience of suffering from a personal and “other” perspective. (MO 1)
Describe the impact of suffering (in self and others) on nursing practice. (MO 2)
Identify spiritual coping strategies in the context of suffering. (MO 3)
Describe the impact of concepts about suffering in self, in others and/or in practice on your beliefs. (MO 4)
Specific Requirements

Choose one of the following prompts to help guide your response:

Cite a definition of “suffering” and describe an example in your life, in others or in professional practice that has caused personal growth and /or a new perspective (cite accordingly).
Describe an example in practice where you enacted or observed an action that improved a patient’s experience with suffering. Was this action an example of a spiritual coping strategy? Why or why not? What did you learn that changed your own professional practice?
Refer to the below quote by Richard Rohr and respond.
We must die before we die. Suffering—whenever we are not in control—is the most effective way to destabilize and reveal our arrogance, our separateness, and our lack of compassion. If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it. — Richard Rohr

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