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Study of selected physical factors in the working environment

1. Firstly, describe what is ionising radiation, what is radioactivity, what modes (types) we know, what they have common, what are the differences between them, how they interact when passing through some medium – in general, from the physical point of view (quantities, units, constants, formulas) – about 15 – 20 normalised pages of text. Concentrate more on those types of radiation, dosimetry, devices… that are used in medicine.

2. Continue with radiation dosimeters – what types can be used, how they work – principles, individual monitoring, where are they used – about 10 – 15 normalised pages of text.

3. Then continue with dosimetry principles, quantities and units (formulas) – about 10 normalised pages of text.

4. Next step will be biological effects of ionizing radiation and radiation safety and protection – irradiation in medical diagnostics and treatment, background radiation, occupational, medical and public exposure, limits in slovakia / european union – about 10 – 15 normalized pages of text.

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