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Strong Bands and Internal Environment

Strong Bands and Internal EnvironmentQuestion 1>

Several companies use their brand as a competitive advantage. Given your knowledge about the global economy, identify three brands you believe have the strongest likelihood of remaining a source of advantage in the 21st Century and explain why.

Explain the affects you believe the Internet’s capabilities will have on the brands you identified in the previous discussion and what the owner of the brand should do in light of them.

Question 2>

“Internal Environment” Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, analyze the internal environment of the company you researched to determine that company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Based on the strengths and weaknesses you discovered, determine what steps the company could take to positively impact the company’s competitiveness. Explain your rationale.

Remarks: Original work–Answer (2) both questions—plagiarism and turnitin report must be provided.

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