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stress-related symptoms

For this assignment, you will monitor your stress-related symptoms over a period of time using the chart provided below. By doing this, it is possible to get an idea of how much stress you have been experiencing. The sheet lists a variety of stress-related symptoms listed in the left-hand column. There are 15 columns to the right of these symptoms. Filling out the sheet involves checking off the symptoms that you have experienced during a certain portion of the day. In this case, it is recommended that you check off symptoms three times a day: once in the afternoon (around lunch), the other around dinner, and once before bed. With 15 columns to fill out, this sheet can be used to monitor stress-related symptoms for five days.

After you complete the stress symptom chart (ATTACHED), you will create an essay reflecting on this experience. In this essay, discuss the following questions:

Ø Did you check off many symptoms or just a few, some symptoms more than others, and/or more symptoms on some days than others?

Ø Was there a certain time of day when you were more likely to experience symptoms?

Ø Were you aware of any events during the week that might have contributed to these symptoms?

Ø Briefly reflect on the ways you dealt with the stress symptoms by drawing on research from the textbook or other resources.

Your response should be at least three (3) pages in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

application/pdf iconstress_symptom_chart.pdf

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