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strategy brief

strategy briefStrategy brief

this is about my project only see the attachment to read my project. It should only be about my project!!

Create a strategy brief for the multimedia project, which should include all the ideas generated for the project such as technology needs, ability to connect to the audience, goals for the project, main characters if any, and vision for the project.
1-It should be at least five paragraphs long.
The strategy brief should have the following sections: please folow the same headlines
Situation: Describe the project by setting the scene. Provide background information, describe the stakeholders (characters), and explain why there is a need for this particular project. For example, answer the questions, Why was this project initiated? Give a background on the company.
Target audience: Specifically state the target audience for your project, explaining who the most likely users are, and include specific demographics. For example, Who are we completing the project for? Who will be the users?
Objectives: Write at least one objective that is SMART: Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. For example, What are the company’s goals for the project? What are we trying to accomplish? A SMART objective must have a measurement and a timeline to measure the success of the project.
Strategy: Explain how you will meet the objectives and needs of the target audience through the design and content of your project. Be specific. For example, What is our overall approach to the project? What are we going to do?
Tactics: These are the specific steps that you will carry out in your strategy. For example, How do we go about developing the project? How do you envision the project interface design, interactivity, navigation, and functionality?

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