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Strategies to Become a Successful Learner

Learning is a process undertaken to enrich one’s mind by changing the way we view the world and ourselves. Learning focuses on knowledge acquisition and change of behavior by expanding and challenging the understanding of an individual. While I have been resilient and curious, essential characteristics of a good learner, my belief that writing could only be achieved by listening to a teacher teach, barred me from acquiring more knowledge on any matters arising. I have, however, developed strategies to overcome my weakness while capitalizing on my strengths that have enhanced my learning skills.
I first focused on identifying my desire to learn by convincing myself that learning was indeed beneficial. I was thus able to explore my curiosity and discover new solutions and insights on any issue. Reading is another strategy I have employed to enhance my learning ability. Constant reading of books has enabled me to dive into a subject thus increasing my knowledge on the same. Listening and connecting with experts is another approach I have adopted in my learning process. Listening to the information and insights being communicated is not only motivation but enables me to extract new information from the speech content. Making time for reflection is an approach that has enabled me to report continuous progress in learning. Improving my desire to learn, constant reading of books, reflection and connecting with experts are approaches that have enabled me to overcome my weaknesses to enhance my learning experience and capability.

The Key Learning from English Course

Undertaking the English course has not only enhanced my knowledge in the subject but has also equipped me with communication skills vital for my undergraduate course. Studying English has improved my ability to speak and comprehend the English language. Through the expansion of my vocabulary and polishing of my expression and pronunciation, I am now able to use the oral form of the language adequately. I am also able to read and write English more confidently. The skills attained during the course have contributed to my active participation during the course, and consequently higher performance reported. Similarly, the vital communication and reading skills are likely to assist me to perform better in my undergraduate course. The high level of confidence attained will support me to participate actively in other courses. Also, most assessments are communicated in English thus having vast knowledge in the same will enable me to understand and tackle the questions appropriately to report successful completion of the undergraduate course.

Experience as a Group Member

Working in groups is essential to improving the performance and productivity of the group members. From my engagement in the class group, I observed that people could accomplish more when working together than individually. Undertaking the role of a group leader in my class enabled me to enhance my leadership skill, a quality that remained essential throughout my course. I was able to learn more from the group discussions conducted. Also, my participatory and interpersonal skills were enhanced following my involvement in the group. I was able to collaborate well with others that enabled us to handle any issues or problems raised by the group. Even though the outcome of the group discussions was good, introducing a question and answer session would have enhanced the effectiveness of the group. Active collaboration amongst the group members will be evident following the inclusion of the session. The approach would also enable members to ask clarification on controversial issues to ensure quality learning is attained.

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