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Strategies for Stakeholder Trust in Change

Reversing the trend of dissatisfaction and disengagement must be at the heart of any serious reform effort.
(Fullan, 2016, p. 97)
Imagine you have just taken on the role as leader of an educational program in your specialization and have been told to implement a change process that is part of a district initiative. As a new leader, you have yet to establish trust with your colleagues, so that when you start to implement the initiative, you are surprised to get immediate push back from your colleagues. How might you work to shift your colleagues’ dissatisfaction and disengagement and support them in their roles as change agents? What leadership strategies would win the trust of your colleagues and help them see the merits of the initiative?
For this Discussion, you will analyze evidence-based strategies to establish stakeholder trust and buy-in for change and counteract resistance to change.