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Strategic Tourism and Hospitality Management

Strategic Tourism and Hospitality Management

Assignment Remit
Making use of your completed strategic analysis, (Assignment1) to guide and support your decision making process; evaluate and select a future strategy for the identified case study firm.

(a) Your evaluation should summarise the outcome of the process of evaluation using the SAF (suitability, acceptability and feasibility) model to identify the recommended strategy. The selected strategy should be assessed against potential alternative strategic choices (using the same process of SAF) to justify selection.
(b) This should be supported by a critical review of the proposed strategy in the main body of the report.
(c) To achieve the appropriate depth of analysis required in the main body of the report; the strategic management models that have been used to evaluate strategies should be included in the appendices of your report. These models will not be formally graded (please refer to Mode of Working / Plagiarism section).
(d) The recommended strategy should be substantiated by consideration of an effective implementation approach or process supported by a clearly identified theoretical knowledge that recognises the firm’s stakeholders.

Module Learning Outcomes:
Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assessment:
iii. Establish evaluation processes of strategic decisions.
iv. Effectively communicate the strategic analysis of an organisation

Grading Criteria (Edit in criteria to be used)
UCB’s Generic Grading Criteria for HE work at Level 6 apply to this assignment:

Please note that this assignment represents your own individual efforts/contribution (for approved team assessments). UCB policy in case of plagiarism will apply:
Extenuating Circumstances

Cut-off date for late work:

Late work submitted after the Hand In Date risks being capped at 40% (UG)/ 50% (PG) unless Extenuating Circumstances are submitted and are accepted. The final cut-off date for this assignment, with or without extenuating circumstances, is 10 working days from the original deadline. The last point that extenuating circumstances can be submitted for this assignment is 10 working days from the original deadline. For special queries contact Registry on

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