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Strategic Human Resource Management Recommendation


Strategic Human Resource Management Recommendation

I/ Problem/Issue identification

– Based on my research and my interview findings, there are 4 HR issues that I want to explore:

  1. Strategies to prevent/minimise employee dissatisfaction & turnover (Strategies to maintain & enhance employee engagement & retention)
  2. Strategies to develop and optimise the company’s labour force and capacity (less dependent on outsourcing)
  3. Strategies to help HR get a seat at the Strategic Table
  4. Strategies to build a Performance Culture


  • You can reword/rephrase the problems to make them succinct
  • Please see and select 2-3 of these issues that you find strong, relevant and feasible enough to write about for the report. My “Interview Findings” file would also be helpful for the problem selection.

– Based on the requirement/instruction of the report, the issues should be related to and mentioned along with 1 or 2 or all of these 3 relationships in the report:

  1. HR – Employees
  2. HR – Line Managers
  3. HR – Top Management
  • I decided to work on “HR-Employees” and “HR – Top Management”. “HR-Employees”, to me, an aspect that has quite many problems and easy to talk. “HR-Top Management” has an issue about communication and strategy decision/implementation that I want to talk about in the report. “HR-Line Managers” – I’m not confident about this area and don’t have much knowledge about this.
  • However, if you find out any other things that are better and more useful during the process, free feel to suggest me and alter this choice.

– Issues should be referenced with the course concepts from lecture materials + at least 2 Academic journals as well as my “Interview Findings” to support in the report . (see instruction details in the “Instruction + Structure” file)

II/ Recommendation

– Please refer to “HR Competencies Model” , “SMART Goal” and other theories in the lecture notes (for example: A-M-O model) and academic journals to write effective SHRM recommendations. The recommendation should follow SMART.

– The professor advises us that we can provide each recommendation for each company or provide general recommendations for all the companies. It’s up to us to choose our ways to provide recommendations. It just depends on how the issues and the company’s states are like, for us to adjust. If there’s a company that has a very critical issue then include a particular recommendation for it amongst others.