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Strategic Audit of Sara Lee International

Background information and products offered by SLC

Sara Lee International is a US-based company that has a client base across the globe. It is approximated that the company commands about 9% of the global market (Conley, 2014). Sara Lee Corporation International was founded in 1941 under the name South street company and went through several name transformations which eventually adopted the name Sara Lee in 1985. The company’s founding CEO was Mr. Charles. Lubin who named the company after his daughter Sara Lee. After his death, several individuals occupied the top seat. The current CEO of SLCI is Mr. Sean Conley.

The products of SLCI produces include insecticides, kiwi, air fresheners, household goods, snacks, body care products, and groceries (Conley, 2014). Moreover, the company remains the largest producer and supplier of frozen products in the United States.

Sara Lee Products and Market Served

Sara Lee uses differentiated and market segmentation strategy to serve its various clients and markets. SLC International draws its business from different regions of the world.

For example, in Western Europe, the company has concentrated on selling beverages, i.e., coffee. In Spain and the USA, SLCI has the leading bakery that produces and sells bread and snacks to the consumers in these regions. Spain in particular, the company sells a special type of bread known as Bimbo.

Detergents are exclusively sold in the North American markets because the demand is higher here. Utensils and other household goods are predominantly sold in the US as well due to the ready market presented by the large population in the US.

It is imperative to point out that the African market has not been adequately embraced by SLC international in terms of marketing and sale of products (Eckblad, 2014). However, although the Kiwi industry is doing well, the demand for insecticides is very high.

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