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Steve Job’s Legacy

Following the demise of Apple Inc.’s co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011, it had nearly become a maxim that he offered consumers with what they needed even before they knew that they needed it. The mastery in innovation that Steve Job had in the products that he designed earned him the name “Father of Digital Revolution.” The legacy of Steve Job in the technology field is an inspiration to many people (Beverley et al. 34).

Steve Jobs had the willingness to take risks by coming up with fresh ideas, and small innovations did not satisfy him. According to Beverley et al., “the empowerment of Steve Jobs was his improvement of standards as well as enhancement of the features that are in basic computers by getting rid of old technologies such as floppy drives” (56). His innovative products were known to have high quality as a result of his brilliance.

In addition to Job’s extraordinary inventions in the field of technology, he as well had a very influential biography. Following his sacking from his administrative obligations in Apple Inc., Jobs started a new corporation and went ahead to make a robust profit from it (Angela and Mark 112). Apple experienced an economic catastrophe, and the management had to recall Steve Jobs. He returned to Apple as both an advisor as well as acting chief executive officer.

In conclusion, even though Steve Jobs passed on, he left an inspiring legacy that will live on for a long time. He took the chance to change the world as a motivation as well as worked towards revolutionizing the field of technology during his business career. Jobs will always be remembered as a mastermind and a great innovator, in addition to the strides he achieved in interfacing the relationship between human and machine during his tenure at Apple Inc.

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