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Statistical Process Control in Healthcare

Write one full page of brief history about the founder, evolution, development, applications of Statistical Process Control. Reference or cite your sources.

Google or research and answer the following questions.

How and where SPC (statistical process control) has been applied to healthcare? List the top 5 areas or settings.
How and where SPC has applied: fields of healthcare? List the top 5 fields.
Give an example (case or situation) and explain where SPC can be applied to detect the cause of variation (or the process is unstable).
Answer and present each question in a logical sequence with question # and part #, statement, and answer.
Complete your work using a word processor. Save your work in one pdf file.
Capture this information in a PDF file, saved with the following naming convention: first name_last name_assignment number. For example, John Doe would name their file john_doe_assignment#.doc.