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Statistical Analysis with Computers

Use the electric.sav data set to answer the following questions.     1 point for each answer.

1. How many cigarettes per day does patient # 200 smoke per day.

2. What percent of patients had chd?

3. What was the lowest observed diastolic blood pressure?

4. What was the average cholesterol?

5. Output the appropriate chart below for weight?

6. What are the measures of central tendency for height?

7. What would be the appropriate statistical test to compare cholesterol between those who have chd and those who don’t have chd.

8. A nurse researcher wishes to compare anxiety levels in pre-operative cardiac patients, who have been randomly assigned to either a pre-op counseling group, placebo group, or group who was given pamphlets and brochures to read. She is measuring anxiety on a scale of 0 to 100, the higher the score the more anxiety the patient has.

a. What is the appropriate statistical test to use?

b. What is the quantitative variable being measured?

c. She obtained an F-ratio of 8.4 and a corresponding p-value of 0.02. Assuming she was testing at alpha 0.05, she should REJECT/NOT REJECT (circle one) the null hypothesis.

d. What was the likely alternative hypothesis she used?

9. A neonatal researcher is exploring the differences in Apgar Scores (0 to 10, higher the score, the more neurologically intact the infant is) between a sample of 20 twins (40 infants)  born in the past year at her hospital.

a. What is the appropriate statistical test to use?

b. What is her likely null hypothesis?

1. Use the electric Sav set to answer the following questions.

2.  Each questions will be answered in the PDF attached.

3.  Question 1-9.

4. Log in will be given

5. Copy SPSS of each answer under the question.

6.  Student log in to CANVAS will be given. (Notes, Electric Sav, files ) etc

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