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Spotify has helped advance the music industry as one gets the music that they intend to listen to with a playlist that they need to listen to as well. The advantage of this technology is that it is likely to boost the user experience with the music being promoted significantly. A disadvantage is that there are ethical issues involved such as issues to do with payment. The future of Spotify in the entertainment industry is likely to transform because technology has been predominantly used in advancing some of the necessary provisions of this technology.

  1. Introduction
    a) The evolution of music trends over the years.
    b) The current state of the music industry.
    c) The introduction of Spotify and its impact on the music industry.
    d) Spotify as a disruptive technology.
    e) Thesis.
  2. The significance of Spotify.

a) Reduction of illegal music sharing in the entertainment industry.
I. Impact
 Provided a broad platform for artist to share their talent.
 Enabled artists to earn from their music.
 Contributed positively to the economy.
 Minimized lawsuits related to illegal file sharing.

b) Ease of use and the availability of customized playlists based on consumer behavior.
I. Reason of interest in Spotify.
 I am a music enthusiast.
 To understand the technology used by Spotify.
 To investigate its impact on culture and society as a whole
 To examine the interaction of the involved individuals, policies, and technologies.
 To understand the music trends and use the information in analyzing future trends.
 To evaluate its limitations.

  1. Negative impacts of Spotify.

a) Musicians have changed their ways of production to optimize their music for streaming.
b) Music enthusiasts no longer purchase albums, which has made the music industry less profitable.
c) Has put pressure on artists to produce more music.
d) Has placed artists who do not use this platform at a disadvantage.
e) The technology has some adverse effects on culture.

  1. Ethical issues associated with Spotify.

a) Payment issues.
b) The abandonment of hateful conduct policy by Spotify.

  1. Conclusion.

 The impact of Spotify in the music industry.
 The advantages and the disadvantages of the technology.
 The future of Spotify in the entertainment industry.

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