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Sports Marketing

1. What are the factors affecting sport marketing. What is one that you believe to be the most important and explain why you think so. Be sure to support your view with examples from real life whenever possible.

2.Discuss how marketing a sport product internationally differs from marketing the same product in the United States.
Be sure to relate the information you have learned so far to your answer. You may also use additional information acquired from researching your topic.

3. It has been said that, “A marketer’s message should grab people’s attention, educate or convey a message, and entice people to purchase.”
Think of a sport marketer’s message that really got your attention. Describe what the message was and what made it so appealing that you remembered it.

4. Choose a market segment and discuss how you would market a sport product to that particular group. Completely up to the writer.

5. marketing mix: product, price, place, and promotion.
Discuss a popular sport product or service and describe how the organization that produces that product/service effectively uses the 4 Ps of the marketing mix.
Include the elements of utility, its description, the market segmentation, target audience, and what you think the product life cycle will be, along with its stages of development, and growth

6. media relations as part of promotion and sport marketing.
Plan a promotion to market a particular sport product or service. Focus on the important issues that you should consider in promoting your product or service.

7. What do you think about sponsorships and endorsements? Do sports products really need them? Why or Why not? How important are they to sports marketing?

8. Select a professional sports team that effectively uses social media in their marketing. Explain which social media outlets they use and how they effectively reach their segment of the market. If you were in charge of this marketing program, what would you do differently?

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