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Speculating about Causes

We recently watched and read some sources on “True crime.”Why something occurs, gets worse, or gets better is often complex. In addition, some people speculate about why something occurs, gets worse, or gets better, and they are proven wrong.
I’d like to hear about a crime topic that is of interest to you and read about why it happens or what causes it. It could be about a very large crime problem, involving terrorism, drug trafficking, animal trafficking, or other large issues. You could speculate about: what motivated Jack the Ripper? What has caused the rise (or decline) of ISIS? Why do some Americans think (undocumented) immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than native born Americans? Why are so many people victims of cybercrime?
In your introduction, present a well-defined phenomenon followed by a thesis that follows an appropriate thesis template. Your introduction should convince readers of the significance of the phenomenon. In the middle paragraphs, present realistic and innovative causesfor the phenomenon. For each cause, refute, accommodate, or acknowledge possible objections and weaknesses. Not all causes are equal, so you may also argue that one cause is more important than the others. You can even write about causes that are wrong or most likely wrong.

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