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Spectrum of Diversity


You are given an opportunity to earn 20 bonus points throughout the semester.  You must locate up to 4 current event articles (5 points each article) revolved around diversity. 

Each article must be related to a different part of the Spectrum of Diversity (for example you cannot do more than one race-related article).  The articles must be no older than the start of this semester.  The articles must come from reputable news sources. MSN News, Yahoo News, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and others (NPR over and over has been rated with the least amount of inaccuracies).  Occupy democrats, young cons, the onion, and other one sided/satirical news sources will not be accepted.  If you question whether it is reputable ask you instructor prior to submitting on dropbox.


You must locate Diversity News Articles from credible sources (not tabloid or one-sided

Web blogs). All articles must be no older then January 2016.

You are not to use the same part of the spectrum of diversity more than once (can only

use race once, religion once, gender once, etc.)

In 1-2 complete sentences (unless stated not needed) answer the following questions:

1. What is the Title of the Article (Sentence not needed)?

2. Web address (Sentence not needed)

3. What is the article about (no more than 5 complete sentences)?

4. What part of the spectrum of diversity did this land under?

5. What Key Aspect is this under?

6. How does it affect you?

7. How does it affect others?

8. How will others on the outside look at this issue?

9. How will this issue affect future generations?

  1. Alternative Assignment Research Paper Option

A second means of satisfying the Research Experience opportunity is by reading 5 articles that are relevant to the topics discussed in class.  Your instructor MUST APPROVE OF THE TOPIC.

You will read 5 peer-reviewed academic articles and write a summary (4 pages, APA, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font) of each. You need to submit your summaries along with an original copy of the articles by 5:00 pm on the Thursday before Finals Week. Must be pre-approved 2 weeks prior to Final Weeks.

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