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Sophocles – Philoctetes

write a post (maximum 150 words) on what some scholars have called the two endings of the play: the first before the entrance of Herakles as the deus ex machina, when Philoctetes’ suffering appears to convince Neoptolemus to accompany him (Philoctetes) home, and the second, when Herakles somewhat miraculously appears and convinces Philoctetes and Neoptolemos to go to Troy to defeat the Trojans.

What works to bring about a resolution in the play? Is it suffering (and thus human compassion; Neoptolemus feels sorry for Philoctetes) or amnesia (Philoctetes has to forget how much he resents the Greeks) or simply the unexpected miracle of a god who can order the humans around (only a miracle can work…)? You must use at least 2 quotes from the play in your post!

Reading Materials:

Sophocles – Philoctetes

Part 2:

Please choose a specific character, OR a scene, OR a “story” told in Heaney’s play and Rich’s poem cycle, and then compare and reflect on the differences. You may write, for example, on the gender of the main “actors” in both texts, or on the scene or location where most of the action occurs. Is there reconciliation and solidarity at the end of each text?