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sociology research paper

sociology research paperOrder Instructions:
This is the research paper, please notice. Please follow the requirement below to write the paper based on the sub title. The supported document i send you in the big attachment and also the required readings are in the next email. Pls check.
topic? October Revolution in Russia
?mainly focused on the theoretical perspectives(valued-added theory and resource mobilization theory) and six conditions of the valued-added theory: Structural conduciveness?Structural strain, Growth and spread of a generalized belief, precipating factors, Mobilization for action, and social control. you can find it on the file named”soc4305a_02.pdf”). Please also used only 1 or 1.5 pages to briefly discuss the organization structure(bureaucracy), leadership
-Please read the file “termpaper_rubric_SOC4305A.docx“ carefully? please also read the slides and readings which relate and support the ideas of this paper.
-At least 5 from outside the course materials and 2 from the course(readings that I send to you in another email). You may use newspaper articles or other non-scholarly sources in addition to your 7 references. (you can use more than 7 reference, but you don’t have to)

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