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Sociological Analysis

In this assignment you will conduct a sociological analysis of your own life. Use the ideas and methods from this course to reflect on your own experience in society.

Start by taking notes. Jot down whatever comes to mind as you address the next three steps.
Preparation. Start with the textbook and course material in the LMS. Read up on the ideas, concepts, theories, research findings, issues, or themes that are common in sociology and that you are interested in. The point is to ignite your sociological imagination. Contemplation. Think about your own life as a member of society, as a member of social groups, as a participant in organizations. What significant experiences and influences growing up shaped you? How have your social roles affected you? How do social institutions influence you? What about your social relationships in this world has this class been able to shed light on? What about your own choices and actions, identities and affinities, can be understood using the lens of sociology? Be specific and clear.Evaluation. What about sociology seems applicable to your life? What theories or ideas don’t apply? If you were to give a presentation on the relevance of sociology for understanding your life, what would it say?

Then, begin writing your paper. You don’t have to answer every question above; they are there as guide. Organize the paper around what is most compelling to you and what you think an informed reader would find interesting. Use your notes to create an outline and then a rough draft. Have someone else read it and make suggestions. Take some time and then come back and re-read it. Then, rewrite. Can you dig deeper? Can you make your connections clearer? Can you improve your writing?