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Social world essay

For SOCI 1001

Part 1: (Social World Description) 2 pages
The first part (Social World Description) requires you to provide an in-depth, detailed description of a cultural group/social group/ social world that you are part of/familiar with. The key to writing a compelling description is to imagine that you have to describe your social world to someone who is completely unfamiliar with it. When you read the sample assignment about the social world of
smokers ask yourself this question – ‘did I get a good idea of what the social world of student smokers is like?

Part 2 (Analysis/Interpretation) 3 pages
The second part requires you to utilize the concepts we have covered in class e.g. gender, race, class, etc and to analyze your social world through those concepts. You should pick concepts that you find most interesting and relevant to your own interests. When you read the sample assignment you will notice that the concepts being used are defined when introduced and also these concepts are used in an analytically meaningful way i.e. the writer is carefully choosing several concepts that are very appropriate for the analysis of his particular social world. When you have finished reading the sample assignment you will notice that instead of simply having a good description of the social world of smokers you also now have a very good analysis of certain aspects of that world from a sociological perspective.

General Advice/Guidelines

Try as much as possible to narrow your angle/focus on a specific context and place/ group of people. It will make your description and your analysis a lot more manageable and defined.
This assignment is not a research paper but you should have an introductory paragraph that identifies what social world you will be focusing on and what specific concepts you will be using.

There is no need for you to use outside sources (apart from the textbook and lecture concepts) or research for this type of assignment. The learning goal for this assignment is for you to be
able to draw upon your knowledge and experience of a social world that you are a part of and analyze it from more outside and sociological perspective.

When directly citing you should cite using author’s surname, date of publication of the book and page number e.g. (Little et al, 2014, p. 25). (You can get the page numbers if you download the textbook into Pdf format). If you are citing my lecture cite like this: (T. Davidson, personal communications, date of lecture).