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Social Work Research;homelessness

I. Research question conceptualization
a. State your research question
II. A brief statement naming and describing the research problem
a. What is the problem?
b. What are two to three components of this problem?
c. Who are the people and communities that are affected by this problem?
d. Why is it a problem that this particular group of people is experiencing this problem?
e. What makes this a social work problem?
f. What do you want to know about this problem?
III. A brief background placing the importance of the research problem in the context of social work service
What is the history of this problem?
How has this problem (or ones similar to it) been addressed in the past?
Will greater research into this problem area will benefit social workers, social work clients or social work policy?
If so, please explain how.
IV. Theory
What is the relationship between the variables in the research question?
Is there a theory that helps to explain this relationship? If so, please explain how this theory interprets how they
are or are not related.
V. Random Family
What are two (2) ways that Random Family has informed your thinking about social work research?
Sources Note: This is where the course text that is being discussed in this section will be incorporated.
VI. Reference Page (APA Style)
Ten (10) scholarly references, with at least seven (7) of these sources being from the the SW 307 Course and
three (3) of these sources being outside sources, as specified above.