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Social Work and Human Services

5-Star Health and Fitness Group

5-star health and fitness is a weight loss support growth that advocates for a healthy and active lifestyle. The group operates a local gym at Windsor to provide a convenient environment for weight loss and management. The major services offered at the gym include aerobic training, weight lifting and normal dance exercises. The gym also has machines such as treadmills that are made accessible to the members for aerobic exercises.

Any individual desiring to lose or manage weight is eligible as a member. However, these persons must pay the membership fees and the regular monthly subscriptions to access the premises. Besides, paying at the gym, online registration and payments are also supported through the group’s website.

The goal of most members joining the group is to lose weight; as such the group should offer a wide range of activities that will promote weight loss. Apart from just aerobic, weight and strength training exercises, the group should also support Zumba dances and swimming to enhance the weight loss process. Also, the group should offer diet and meal programs to the members to ensure that the ultimate goal is achieved.

Weight loss is a personal decision, and can only be attained through self-motivation to take part in the activities. There can be issues of concern where an individual pay for the services and fail to get the desired outcome, because of missing sessions or failing to participate actively in the exercises. It is important that probable outcome of the process is communicated and individuals asked to voluntarily join the group.

Home Detox Group

This is a group that focuses on assisting people manage their addiction to alcohol. The major services offered by the group are a detox plan for the management of alcohol dependence. The detox process can be performed at home; however, the group offers supervisory services to the members to ensure they adhere to the plan.

Members joining the group are screened for their level of addiction and whether they have problems during withdrawal from alcohol. This is to ensure that only persons with difficulties in managing addiction to alcohol are included in the group.

Persons offering rehabilitation are required to adhere to the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) professional code of ethics. This code of ethics states the acceptable behavior and the highest level of professional conduct desired. The service providers need to understand the concept of confidentiality such that the information of every individual is kept confidential.


Netmums is a platform that offers parental guidance to parents in the UK. The website operates as a network of local other sites that avails relevant information to fathers and mothers on parenting.

Any parent in the UK is eligible to join the website and participate in the discussions. The major issues discussed over the platforms include parenting guide for single parents, feeding programs, taking care of sicknesses and dealing with teenagers amongst others.

The information on parenting is availed by parents who work in form of a network. The major ethical issue of concern that might arose in this group is the accuracy of the information being provided. Since the ideas and advices are based on opinions of different people, it is difficult to judge which of the responses are authentic and should be taken as an advice. It is thus important that parents who join the group do some research before picking up any information as an authentic advice.

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