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Social media and the lives of nurses

Social media and the lives of nurses

Social media plays a significant role in the lives of nurses in both their professional and personal lives. Additionally, social media is now considered a mainstream part of the process for recruiting and hiring candidates. Inappropriate or unethical conduct on social media can create legal problems for nurses as well as the field of nursing. Login to all social media sites in which you engage. Review your profile, pictures and posts. Based on the professional standards of nursing, identify items that would be considered unprofessional and potentially detrimental to your career and that negatively impact the reputation of the nursing field.

In 500-750 words, summarize the findings of your review. Include the following:

Describe the posts or conversations in which you have engaged that might be considered inappropriate based on the professional standards of nursing.
Discuss why nurses have a responsibility to uphold a standard of conduct consistent with the standards governing the profession of nursing at work and in their personal lives. Include discussion of how personal conduct can violate HIPAA or be considered unethical or unprofessional. Provide an example of each to support your answer.
Based on the analysis of your social media, discuss what areas of your social media activity reflect Christian values as they relate to respecting human value and dignity for all individuals. Describe areas of your social media activity that could be improved.

The concept of “social media” is wide and constantly growing. The expression generally refers to Internet-based instruments that permit individuals and residential areas to assemble and connect to discuss information and facts, suggestions, personalized messages, photos, as well as other content and, sometimes, to work together with some other end users in real time.2–6 Social media marketing are also known as “Web 2.0” or “social marketing.” 5

Social media web sites provide many different functions that offer diverse uses for your person consumer.19 They might involve weblogs, social media sites, movie- and image-sharing web sites, wikis, or an array of other press, which may be collected by goal, servicing characteristics including:4,7,8

Social media (Fb, MySpace, Yahoo and google Additionally, Twitter)

Expert networking (LinkedIn)

Mass media revealing (You tube, Flickr)

Articles production (blogs [Tumblr, Blogger] and microblogs [Twitter])

Understanding/details aggregation (Wikipedia)

Virtual fact and video games surroundings (2nd Life)

Engagement in social websites by the general public has risen sharply over the past nine yrs.5,11 Within the Usa, the portion of grownups using social media has risen from 8% to 72Per cent since 2005.5,11 The application of social media is prevalent across any age and careers and it is pervasive all over the world.2,8 In 2012, Facebook or myspace end users surpassed one billion people throughout the world, a amount that is representative of one-7th in the world’s human population.2,8 In addition, on a daily basis 100 million energetic Twitter users give more than 65 million tweets, and 2 billion video tutorials are considered on YouTube.2 Social media marketing are already associated with highly significant political activities, such as the Arab Spring season trend, or even wide-spread societal tendencies, such as the shortening of individuals’ interest spans and the drop of print out press.5

Check out: Involvement IN Social Networking BY Medical Professionals Social media marketing give HCPs with tools to share with you info, to debate health care coverage and practice concerns, to market health behaviours, to take part with all the open public, as well as instruct and communicate with sufferers, care providers, pupils, and co-workers.6,11,14,16 HCPs can use social websites to potentially increase overall health results, develop a specialist community, increase personal awareness of media and developments, inspire sufferers, and provide wellness info to the local community.8,11

Medical professionals generally become a member of on-line areas where they are able to go through news articles, listen to experts, investigation health care developments, talk to peers regarding patient issues, and system.9 There they can reveal instances and ideas, talk about process administration obstacles, make referrals, disseminate their research, marketplace their procedures, or embark on health advocacy.14,15 An increasing minority of medical doctors also utilizes social media to talk directly with sufferers to enhance medical proper care.9,15

A survey of more than 4,000 medical doctors performed from the social websites web site QuantiaMD found out that greater than 90Percent of medical professionals use some form of social media for personal pursuits, whereas only 65Percent utilize these sites for specialist good reasons.9,14 Nearly still another of medical doctors have documented participating in social networks.8 Even so, each personal and skilled utilization of social networking by medical professionals is growing.3,9,15

Unlike doctors, pharmacy technician have been relatively sluggish to embrace social media marketing.1 A great deal of the increase in the expert utilization of social media marketing among this group of people seems to include druggist-certain social networking sites.1 Surveys have shown that many pharmacists use Facebook or twitter.1 Even if this use is frequently for private communication, more than 90 web pages on Facebook are related to the pharmacy job, like the Pharmacists Fascination Site, the American Pharmacy technician Organization, and the Negative Druggist.1 Only 10% of pharmacy technician use Twitter, as well as a seek out “pharmacist” on LinkedIn determined 274,981 information.1

Head to: Social Media Marketing Internet sites FOR Medical Professionals Social Networks As social network has evolved, medically focused expert communities have been recognized.14 These networks are often individual and guarded from nonmembers, such as the place public and even people in other overall health professions.1 Money sources of these sites fluctuate, with economic help often being supplied by specialist associations, marketing or information product sales, investigation backing, and pharmaceutical drug companies.17

Sermo can be a “physician-only” social network group that verifies the references newest participants during enrollment.15 Physicians symbolizing 68 areas of expertise in all of the 50 states gather on this internet site to network, to go about treatment solutions, and to issue peers for expert advice.15 Since Apr 2014, Sermo boasted a U.S. account of 260,000 medical doctors, almost all of whom use pseudonyms for anonymity. Sermo is made up primarily of a large meaning board on what medical professionals generate subjects for conversation.14 Additionally, it supplies a status process by which medical professionals position content on the site on the basis of identified credibility.15

Doximity is really a newer “physician-only” social network neighborhood which offers text message and pictures which can be certified with all the Health Care Insurance Convenience and Accountability Work (HIPAA), which allows position-of-care info crowdsourcing.15 At the time of 2013, more than 100,000 physicians and pupils had been participants. Doximity works with a countrywide data source to make “placeholder” balances with group and make contact with info for many U.S. physicians. For that reason, even though only 12% of You.S. physicians are active members of Doximity, nearly completely might be messaged throughout the community.14

The Health-related Company directors Online community ( is a social media website for health-related directors that provides a validated, secure, shut down-loop environment for peer-to-peer discussion. The time on this site add a thorough catalogue, conversation organizations, calendar listings, and alerts. The web page also provides specialized group pages for medical company directors employed in a wide array of sectors, which include: healthcare facility, veterans affairs, Medicare health insurance, group of people training, workplace, behavioral well being, monitored attention, correctional service, and long-term care.20

Other medical doctor marketing internet sites involve QuantiaMD (, Doctors’ Hangout (, and Doc2Doc ( Most of these web sites demand medical doctors to submit their credentials to some site gatekeeper, recreating the intimacy of any “physicians’ lounge” inside an online setting.17

The charity Student Medical doctor Network can be a well-known interpersonal local community site for undergrad and exercising doctors, dental surgeons, and vets within the You.S. and Canada.5 It boasts a lot more than 40,000 productive members and 1.5 million exclusive monthly visitors.5 The message boards on University student Medical doctor Network concentrate on clinical profession topics, tend not to help in depth user information or “friending,” and motivate privacy.5

Social networking sites are available for pharmacists. These sites incorporate ASHP Hook up (, that is subsidized through the American Society of Overall health-Method Pharmacy technician PharmQD ( and The Pharmacist Culture (,6 Skilled marketing discussion boards for nurses are the American Nurse practitioners Association’s ANANurseSpace (, NursingLink (, and SocialRN (

Furthermore, HCPs can readily hook up with each other via “general purpose” on the web social media sites, including Fb, Tweets, and LinkedIn.8 Fb is the most well-known social media website in the Usa, whilst LinkedIn is considered the most popular professional network web site.1,11,17

Weblogs The “blog,” an expression formed by truncating “Web sign,” is definitely the earliest and most recognized method of social media marketing, which has been used in treatments since since 2004.17 Blogs can achieve wide audiences, particularly when one publishes articles content which is of significant fascination.14 Blogposts that garner enough interest could be shared and viewed over and over by viewers (known as “going viral”).14 Articles that moves viral can establish a track record or perhaps on the internet appearance.