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Social, environmental, or political problem that is of local, national, or global concern

Identify a social, environmental, or political problem that is of local, national, or global concern.
Paper details:

A causal analysis asks you to examine either the causes of a problem, why the problem has happened or what factors have led to a particular problem. To write an effective causal analysis essay the thesis and body paragraphs should focus on 2–4 specific causes (i.e., actions, events, thoughts, attitudes, conditions, or decisions) that have led to the problem you have identified. Writing about causes is an important skill in academic, professional, and real-world contexts, and the ability to identify the causes of a problem is essential in persuasive writing.

Note: Be sure to focus only on the causes of the problem in this paper; do not consider effects or solutions.

A. Write a causal analysis essay (suggested length of 3–7 pages). In your essay, do the following:

1. Address an appropriate topic.

2. Provide an effective introduction.

3. Provide an appropriate thesis statement that previews two to four causes.

4. Explain the causes of the problem.

5. Provide evidence to support your claim.

6. Provide an effective conclusion.

B. Include at least two academically credible sources in the body of your essay.

1. For your sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

C. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

Sample Paper


Social, environmental and political problems often spill over the national boundaries. A significant number of issues are not only local problems but have also instigated global concerns. Terrorism is one such political problem that poses significant challenges at the local, national and global levels. According to Zalman (2019) terrorism refers to the use of violence with the goal of promoting a political ideology at the expense of the local population. Terrorism occurs in multiple ways and is believed to have different causes most of which are more than one. It is reported that terrorism can occur as a result of a single historical act such as assassination, or as a result of an ongoing campaign that may last years or even generations. Whether occurring as a result of a single act or an ongoing act, social, political or religious conflicts that result in the oppression of a given community are the major cause of terrorism.

Terrorism is believed to have occurred as a result of guerilla wars in the olden time. The non-state organized army was engaged in guerilla wars with the conviction that their actions were focused on addressing various issues within the community. Guerilla wars such as Vietcong in the 1960s were considered the ancient forms of terrorism. Recent development has seen the cause of terrorism and terror activities shift towards religious conflicts. Initially, the terror attack was mostly as a consequence of social and political unrest within the community. nevertheless, in the current times, the difference in the beliefs and ideologies of the religious groups in the economy has resulted in the increasing cases of terror attacks