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Social Construction of Gender

Gender is a sociocultural construction, as opposed to sex, which is our biological makeup.
We are continually surrounded by cultural artifacts that reinforce and/or challenge our understanding of gender and gender role conformity. Your tasks for this assignment are as follows:
1) Locate a cultural artifact that challenges the notion of gender role conformity (1 point).
This cultural artifact could be a photograph, an ad, a celebrity, a commercial, a book, a toy, poetry, music, etc.). Imbed your artifact in the write-up (include a link or an image of your artifact). While I welcome controversial material, please keep in mind our course policies around maintaining a respectful and engaging learning environment.
2) Analyze your observations (1 points).
In one paragraph, explain why you chose this particular cultural artifact. Describe how it challenges the notion of gender role conformity from a social psychological lens. 3) Research a credible, scholarly resource that relates to your artifact analysis (1.25 point). In one paragraph, explain how you evaluated the credibility of your scholarly resource. Explain how this resource relates to your artifact analysis and observations.

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