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SMGT40270 Managing Rugby Performance

SMGT40270 Managing Rugby Performance
Assignment Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to reflect and critically evaluate how sport science and ancillary services may be integrated within a high performance rugby setting. Specifically, you are provided with a hypothetical case study in which you are the Performance Director of a Guinness Pro 12 Club. The CEO has informed you that next season it will be necessary to effect a 20% cut in the number of support staff within the Club. You have been asked by the CEO to present an analysis of how this might be enacted. At present the following pertains:

• Performance analyst,
• Strength & conditioning coach,
• 2 Physiotherapists,
• Elite talent development manager
• Psychologist,
• Nutritionist,
• Doctor (Part time).

In this assignment, you must

• Briefly describe the role of each of the above
• Critically evaluate the importance of each of these roles to high performance within the club, using research evidence to support your analysis
• Finally, detail recommendations as to how best to manage this situation

In completing this assignment, please ensure to include at least six academic sources (research articles or book chapters).

Format of Completed Assignment

This assignment is worth 100% of your final grade for this course. Consequently it will require substantial thought, work, and time on your part if you wish to achieve a good mark.

All written assignments must also be submitted electronically via Blackboard.

LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL RECEIVE A REDUCED MARK. See the UCD policy regarding late assignments at


Your assignment must be word processed. It must be double-spaced and in 12pt font with, at least, a 1 inch (2.54cm) margin on all sides of the page.

You must include a word count at the end of your assignment.


Please include a separate reference page that indicates the articles and book chapters you used. Your reference list does not count towards the word limit. For details on Harvard referencing style see the link below or go to the University Library website.

Students seeking to submit a coursework assessment item after the due date must apply for an extension in advance on the appropriate form (available on Blackboard) and accompanied with appropriate documentation. Extensions are only granted for genuine reasons and are regarded as an exception. Please note that poor time management does not constitute an acceptable reason and students may be asked to produce their work to date before an extension is considered.

Plagiarism is entirely unacceptable at UCD. Please familiarise yourselves with the UCD Policy on Plagiarism and note in particular that accidental or unintentional plagiarism is not considered a valid excuse for plagiarism. You should also be aware that in signing the assignment cover sheet you are confirming that the work contained therein is your own work except where appropriately cited. If your work is found to contain plagiarism, it means that you have willingly and knowingly lied in your signed statement. This is an explicit case of intellectual fraud and academic integrity. If you are unsure what plagiarism is or are concerned about how to reference, please feel free to consult the lecturer or Module Coordinator.

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