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Sleeping beauty response paper

Using one of the Sleeping Beauty stories/poem assigned above, create a treatment/ proposal for a hypothetical movie based on the story you choose- you are the director! Pay close attention to the key points of the story/poem and what charcterizes it compared to other versions, as you need to use those in your movie. these are NOT the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. You are creating a filmed version of the story/poem and not a free all adaptation, but you also are not just repeating the plot listed. Think about the various previews you have seen for movies, and all of the Cinderella movies, and how they presented a particular version of the plot and story. Who is your audience? How will you get them into the movie theater? How will you convince the movie company and producers to finance your film for millions of dollars? Think about what is shown and included in a standered 2- minute movie trailer: What format would be best to present the story — live action, animated, anime, film noir, historical, black and white, color, Imax, 3D, Independent, prestige ect; what background music , songs/ sound effects would be best to set the tone; who would you cast as the main actors or character voices — would you use famous stars and why those actors/ voices; where would you film on location and/or on sound stage; what would the voice over would announce ( include brief qoutes from the relevent story) ect.
A treatment contains the information that you would find in a film trailer, but it also explains why you are choosing to present your film adaptation in this specific manner. What messages will your version get across to the audience based on the story you are adapting into a film and why are those messages important? Quote and cite relevent Dialoge/discriptions from the version you are making into a movie. convince us to fund your film.