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sleep physiology (how it works) and sleep disorder in childhood.

sleep physiology (how it works) and sleep disorder in childhood.
Paper details:

A review paper will be required for this course. It should incorporate current research articles (within the last 10 years) involving the Physiology of Mammals. This paper should be at least 4 pages long but not more than 8 pages, double-spaced, with no larger than 12 pitch type. Margins should be 1 inch around. The review paper should have a title page, introduction section, the body section where the 4 articles are discussed, a summary section and a literature cited page. The sections should not be labeled, it should be obvious to the reader which section he/she is reading. Avoid the first person. Be sure to number your pages.
The introduction should provide background information for the reader. Books and reviews may be used in the introduction section but not in the body or summary. Typically an introduction is a page long. The body of the paper is an in depth discussion of the 4 or more important articles. The article discussion should not be a rehash of the article methodology, for example stating the number of patients or hospitals involved, although some germane comments on methodology may be incorporated. The assignment is for you to get into the literature, read the literature and integrate the observations and conclusions from 5 or more articles. The articles may be discussed sequentially or integrated in a comparing and contrasting format. Cite the papers in the text as (Scheide and Bonaminio, 1994) and avoid phrases such as “John Scheide and associates at Central Michigan University”. The past tense should be used when discussing research or observations previously done. The body portion of the paper should be at least 3 pages in length. The summary should integrate all the articles together and should be at least one page. Your opinions may be stated here, although the first person should be avoided. Extend the research area beyond the current understanding. What direction will new research will be needed? What issues, public education, or laws may need to be debated or created with this subject?
No direct quotes, everything should be paraphrasing.
The articles should be PRIMARY!!!!! DO NOT USE REVIEW articles, please(because that’s where ill lost most of my point).
Make sure to do the in-text citation properly.
The in-text citation should match the information that you are citing. And overall it has to be PHYSIOLOGY, not PSYCHOLOGY.
Please follow the instruction, because this is my second attempt with you guys. I tried the first time and the work was not really what I wanted.
if you can’t find primary articles please let me now! no REVIEW !!

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