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“Since when can’t virgins be whores?”

Part I –

Select ten from the list below. For each item, idea, symbol, phrase, person or event you select, identify the work and/or writer/director/thinker to which it is connected. Then briefly (1-3 sentences) explain the importance, significance, or relevance.

A. Postmemory
B. A Nazi flag seen through the window of a train
C. “Since when can’t virgins be whores?”
D. “I seek a teacher and master … let him separate light from dark.”
E. Giving birth to a baby in a hospital
F. A classified ad in an old newspaper
G. “Who killed the Jews?”
H. “You murdered me, Mommy, and you left me here to take the rap!!!”
I. “We laughed the whole first night in Auschwitz.”
J. A scarf with seemingly magical properties
K. “The Holocaust has been moved to room 206.”
L. “Now I know what a potato meant to you.”
M. A boss who cuts the hair of a clerk who works for him.
N. “Where is He? This is where – hanging here from this gallows…”
O. “Lock them together with no food for a week…THEN you could see what it is, friends!”