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Siemen’s Case Study

PART 1: (20% Marks) 1,000 words.
Critically evaluate the reasons why it is important for companies, like Siemens,to have a motivated workforce.
Evaluate and discuss the effectiveness of the approaches of Siemens as compared and contrasted with the theory within the literature.

PART 2: (80% Marks) 2,500 words.
The case study states ‘training and development helps the growth of a business’
Further Armstrong (2014:284) states that strategic learning and development ‘exists to enhance resource capability in accordance with the belief the firm’s human resources are a major source of competitive advantage’
Critically analyse the extent to which training and development is effective in helping Siemens to meet the company’s strategic objectives. Examine both the management processes and organisational culture that may be of importance to your analysis and supporting argument.

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