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Should Heinz steal or not?

Managing Across Cultures

Task 1: Evaluate Hofstede’s approach to the measurement of culture and critically compare his work to other cross-cultural theorists. (40 marks) In responding to this task, you will need to apply the theories of Hofstede and other key cross-cultural theorists such as Trompenaars and Hall plus others that you may have read about in your research. You will need to ensure that you identify both similarities and differences in the approaches taken. Task 2: Traditionally, Western MNCs have approached innovation by establishing dedicated research and development functions and managing innovation processes in the same way as other business processes. This has resulted in very structured, inflexible and bureaucratic approaches to innovation. As a director of an enterprising UK organisation you wish to break away from this model and apply new approaches to innovation in the future. You have identified three new approaches which you feel could be applied effectively most probably through a subsidiary in one of your emerging markets: India, China and Brazil. You have carried out a comparative critical evaluation of each of these approaches to establish the potential benefits that each might bring and also any potential drawbacks that might arise from their implementation. In addition, through your critical review of the approaches and your understanding of the cultures of each of the three countries you have identified which approach would be most appropriate for each country. Present your critical evaluation and recommendations. (60 marks) In responding to this task, you will need to identify three non-traditional approaches to innovation and compare and contrast the three, identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

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