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short case analysis assignment

short case analysis assignment
***there are 4 cases, read and analyses them first, answer 3 questions (question 1#ranking and reason, question #2 management concept and reason, question#3 solutions).
***Answer the question#3 “solutions” for the top 3 cases.
***’solutions’ part is help the case writer solved their problems.
***Question #2 is about ‘Name the management concepts and models that you think are applicable in the situation and that explain why the case situation exists, and why you think that. Use Mgt. textbook short case analysis assignmentas needed. Be as specific as possible. Stay away from very broad, general concepts like ‘leading,’ ‘organizing’ and ‘controlling.’ Rather, for example, talk about very specific concepts like feed-forward controls, feedback controls, etc., and explain how they apply to the situation. If the case doesn’t seem to lend itself very well to answering this question, do your best.
***See add files. DEATIL INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE SEE ‘short case discussion form’ AND ‘short case analysis form example’
****Use Book: Whetten, David A. and Kim S. Cameron. Developing Management Skills: Eighth Edition. Boston: Prentice Hall, 2011. Print. (this book can find PDF eBook on Google)
***or use Management, 1st Edition by Christopher P. Neck, Charles L. Lattimer, Jeffrey D. Houghton, 2013. TO ANSWER QUESTIONS. Only use one book to answer.
All sources must be management concept.

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