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Shopping, Buying, Evaluating

Tutorial 5
Preparation Task
Shopping, Buying, Evaluating


Student Learning Objectives:

• Familiarise students with conceptual bases of situational decision-making (SDM) in marketing.
• Facilitate a critical, reflective understanding of SDM within a marketing context.
• Encourage a critical appreciation of marketing issues related to SDM & the ‘shopping process’.
• Encourage the use of a more formal, evidence-based approach to the exposition of personal knowledge.

PREP TASK 1 OF 2: (NO need to submit anything for this)
Visit your local shopping centre (outdoor or indoor)(e.g. Dubai = Mirdif City Centre/ Dubai Mall etc.) and/or supermarket and conduct a little naturalistic observation. Make a note of the non-retailing activities you can observe, and consider their value in supporting the nearby retailing activities. You should try to relate this to the ideas mentioned in your shopping process model. It is important for you to know the shopping process and be able to find examples to support these ideas. By actually forcing yourself to look around you within this framework, you may breathe life into your understanding of some of these issues. Yes, you may be able to reflect on previous encounters with these situations without going out and looking again, but you may not have been attending to all the available influences at those times, and so will struggle to recall everything. So, try to get out and about and really search for all those extra shopping contexts that may mediate consumer behaviour.

PREP TASK 2 OF 2: (Submit completed boxes)
As usual, search for journal articles. Remember, these will add to your collection and serve as a resource for revision and understanding.
Complete the ‘boxed’ questions overleaf to form a basis for this understanding.

• Submit your answers via VISION (check Vision for details) before the next tutorial
with your name and student number clearly marked below.
• All 7 prep tasks must be submitted to qualify for the course.
• You will receive standardised feedback for the example essay style question.
• Keep these safe and use as a revision tool for future assessment.

This topic will form the basis of discussion in the subsequent tutorial.
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Your Tutor’s Name : Elena Shevchenko

Shopping, Buying and Evaluating


This prep task formalises your learning by asking a series of questions relating to the essay/exam style question below. Provide brief answers to these questions within the boxes.

‘Discuss the value of an understanding of situational decision-making for Marketers’

Now outline answers to the following questions within the boxes:

Draw the model of the shopping process given by Solomon et al:
Name two dimensions that make up a person’s mood & give an example for each from within marketing:

Name 3 types of time and give a marketing example for each:

‘Atmospherics’ is defined by Solomon et al as:
• the ‘…

How might expectations alter consumers satisfaction with a retail service encounter, give an example?

You’ve just bought a ‘new jacket’ and don’t like it. Provide 2 potential routes through your disposal options:

Think of your favourite restaurant/club/bar/pub/cafe and provide 5 reasons why you like it so much – for each reason, explain how the management may be facilitating this ‘liking’ using situational influences
Explore the value/usefulness of shopping process models to explain consumer behaviour:
(This question is a chance for you to collect some insights that will help you to provide a more critical answer in your examination (e.g. think of useful and less useful elements, explain why you think they are more or less useful, give examples…this then becomes a great crib sheet for your revision).

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