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Shakespeare’s King Lear

CHOOSE ONE OF THE QUESTIONS BELOW REGARDING SHAKESPEARE’S KING LEAR AND WRITE A THREE TO FOUR PAGE REFLECTION ESSAY (700-1000 WORDS). 1) Investigate the theme of blindness and sight, both literal and metaphorical, in King Lear Identify at least three exchanges or passages in the play that address the theme, and discuss their significance. 2) Discuss madness in King Lear . Give specific examples of what contributes to Lear’s madness, and describe the role that allusions to madness and the pretense of madness have in the play. 3) Consider the role of gender in the play. Which female characters show defiance of patriarchal power, and how are they rewarded or punished for it? What is Lear’s view of female sexuality? . 4) Describe Lear’s opinion during the raging storm on the heath about the world’s “poor, naked wretches” and the mad beggar character of poor Tom. How does this view contrast with what Lear appears to value at the start of the play? What does it say about the play’s theme of appearance versus reality?

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