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Sex Crimes

You will complete a Position Paper related to a sex crimes issue or policy/law that is of interest to you. You will incorporate relevant scholarly sources, such as, state statutes, federal laws or policies, court cases, government agency reports, and peer-reviewed journal articles.

The purpose of a position paper is to promote a particular issue.  The paper describes a social problem or issue that needs to be addressed, offers a policy solution, and provides support and rationale for that position.  Your paper should be written as if you are trying to convince a policy maker/legislator that a new policy should be enacted or an existing one should be amended.  You must objectively provide the information required for that policy maker to make an informed decision about the policy/issue.

Topic Ideas: If you are unsure what your topic should be, Ch. 7 & 8 in Mancini (2014) may spark something.  Also, one of the numerous news stories that are linked or discussed in the course may peak your interest; I will periodically share links to current events and news stories in Blackboard.

Your position paper must:

  1. Define the issue/describe the problem and establish its importance (why does it matter?)
  2. Provide background information about the issue to inform the reader of concerns (statistics, research, reports, etc.)
  3. Recommend a course of action and explain the recommendation (what should be done about it?)

The paper should include:

  1. Introduction
    1. Identifies the problem
    1. States your position
  2. Body
    1. Background information
    1. Supporting evidence
    1. Discussion of the policy/issue (logic and efficacy)
    1. Discussion of existing or proposed solutions
  3. Conclusion
    1. Suggested course of action
    1. Summary of the paper

Length/Format: The paper must be 6-8 pages (page count does not include the Title page and References page), double-spaced, using normal font and margins, and in APA format

Requirements:  You must utilize and cite a minimum of 8 scholarly and peer-reviewed sources!

You must follow the “Requirements for Assignments” in the syllabus.  If you need assistance with writing or APA format, you can use the library’s Citing & Writing webpage, visit the Writing & Reading Center, or visit the Purdue OWL website.


Choose an issue or policy that involves clear controversy or debate and which can be discussed with facts and reasoning.  You may already have an opinion, but you must examine the issue critically.

You can pick a local, state-specific, nationwide, or international issue.  Examples can be found throughout your textbooks. Your analysis must include description, logic, and research, plus a possible solution/course of action.

Project Phases (Deadlines)

I will assist you in the completion of your position paper by checking in on your progress throughout the semester and providing feedback. 

The following assignments will be completed:

  1. Policy Topic (June 20)
    1. You will write a brief summary of your chosen topic (1-2 paragraphs) with a preliminary References list of at least 3 scholarly sources. 
  2. Annotated Bibliography (July 13)
    1. You will complete an annotated bibliography of at least 8 scholarly sources on your topic. If unfamiliar with the structure and requirements of an annotated bibliography, an example is provided.
  3. Policy Position paper (July 27)
    1. Your final, completed paper is due and will be submitted and graded via Turnitin.

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